Engine Part Sales

EMS is equipped for all of your critical part needs. For a current list of parts on hand and prices, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 304-622-0130.

ASA-100 Accredited

EMS is committed to quality and is accredited by the Aviation Suppliers Association.

Reduce-to-Spares (RTS) And Part Reselling Services

Q: My engine is high time or damaged and may not be economical to repair. How can EMS help me with my options and decisions?
A: We provide services that help the customer from the beginning to end. We can determine the condition of the engine, what is required in repairs, and the associated cost. Working closely with the customer to understand their situation, EMS can compare that to reduce-to- spares (RTS), engine exchange, and/or purchase of new engine. The customer should rest assured that we can assist them with all of their options. At EMS our ultimate goal is to be a transparent and trusting business partner.

Q: What options do I have with EMS regarding an engine that is at a RTS stage?
A: We provide our customer with several options. We can purchase the RTS engine if the customer has no future interest in the parts. We also offer the customer the option to retain ownership of the parts, whether EMS resells those parts, or if the customer has other desires for those parts. We will review options and fees with the customer and can advise given the customer’s situation or engine ownership status.

Q: If I want to resell my parts, how does that work with EMS?
A: With EMS, the customer always has options. We can warehouse your parts during the resell stage or ship them once ready to another location per customer instructions. We will review all options and associated fees with the customer.

Q: I am looking for certain engine parts. How do I find out what parts EMS has in inventory and their price?
A: For up to date pricing and inventory, please contact Kristin Reynolds at [email protected] or John Pool at [email protected]

Q: If I retain ownership of RTS parts and EMS sells them, how do I know when EMS sells my parts?
A: Once the RTS tear down is complete, EMS can offer a consignment sale. We can offer marketing of the engine as a wholesale or part sale. Under the consignment agreement, when parts are sold, you will invoice us for parts and consignment charges.

Engine Exchanges and Outside Broker Sales

Q: I have decided that I need to purchase a used engine. I want to make sure my investment is sound. How can EMS assist?
A: Our company performs industry-leading detailed borescope inspections with documented, high definition photos. This also includes a visual review of the engine and its performance. If the engine requires any service, we can review the customer’s options and cost scenarios.

Q: I need to buy or sell an engine or aircraft. Can EMS help me?
A: Yes, we have handled numerous engine and aircraft transactions for our customers over the years. We have partnered with airframe experts in the industry to provide complete oversight of the airframe and engines during the survey process.