OH/HSI/Major Repair Management Services

The core offering of EMS is providing management services for Pratt & Whitney turbo-engine key events such as Overhaul (OH), Hot Section Inspection (HSI) and major repairs. We work with Pratt & Whitney, Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOF), and non- DOF facilities.

Our management services are comprehensive from beginning to end:

1. Obtain and compare multiple competing shop quotes
2. Review engine log, Service Bulletin (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD)
3. Adjust quotes for corrections, warranties, SBs, ADs and campaigns
4. Perform borescope review to determine engine and part condition
5. Normalize and review quotes with customer and assist with shop selection
6. Coordinate logistics (event scheduling, engine removal and installation (R&I), shipping and receiving, insurance, etc.)
7. Review engine and parts during tear down at the chosen facility
8. Coordinate post-assembly engine performance testing and matching

Our customers benefit from:

• We ensure our customer’s interest and investment are represented
• Maximizing commercial consideration from the OEM
• On-site engine and parts review during tear down
• Review of the part damage, maximize engine performance/safe operations outcome, and minimize customer cost exposure
• Pratt & Whitney turbo-engine expertise that represents our customers
• Extensive engine log, warranty, and campaign reviews
• All Service Bulletin Codes 1 thru 6 and ADs are addressed
• Expert insight and advice to assist customers with options and decisions
• Managed project scope with expected outcome

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Engine Borescope, Review, and Expert Services

EMS provides engine borescope inspections and detailed engine status reports for all Pratt & Whitney  turbo-engines. Inspections are tailored and can be minimal, routine, or in-depth depending on the project or customer need. Our In-depth borescope inspection offer a unique and detailed engine status report.  Customers use and rely on our borescope and expert services for various reasons, including:

• Determining engine condition prior to purchase (pre-buys)
• Determining engine condition for resale or exchange purposes
• Improving the understanding of project scope and accuracy of quotes for major repair, OH, or HSI
• Assessing the extent of damage from FOD, corrosion, lightning, and/or operations
• Evaluating engine condition for under-performance
• Obtaining approvals to extend time between service events

Click here to view a sample report.

Engine Exchanges and Outside Brokerage Sales

EMS offers services for engine exchange and outside brokerage sales. We have the technical expertise to ensure that you understand the history and value of your purchase or exchange. Contact Mike Frazier at 304-641-6494 or Russ Hancock at 304-641-0760 for more information.  You may also contact our main office at 304-622-0130 or send us an email at  [email protected].

Reduce to Spares and Serviceable Parts Reselling

In certain cases, customers may have an engine that is no longer serviceable or the cost to repair is not a viable investment. Funds are better spent to replace the engine or aircraft depending on the customer’s needs. That's why EMS provides a Reduce to Spares (RTS) service that tears down the engine and prepares the parts for resell. We charge a flat fee for RTS services which includes engine tear down, part cataloging, advertising, and shipping. Advertising and selling of parts are via on-line methods and direct shop-to-shop listings. Our company has long standing relationships  with Pratt & Whitney, DOF, and non-DOF facilities that need replacement parts. Our RTS services are performed on-site at our facility with industry leading specialty tools.

Our customers benefit from:

•  Pratt & Whitney turbo-engine expertise providing on-site parts review
•  Ensures that the customer’s interest and investment is maximized
•  Determines condition of each part and remaining life for life-cycle parts
•  EMS specialty tools maximize part recovery and eliminates/minimizes part damage
•  Customer is provided flexible options regarding RTS engine ownership
•  EMS can do a consignment agreement for selling RTS parts and components

See Standard Fee Schedule for flat service fee per engine model. For turbine disk de-blading fees, please contact John Poole at [email protected]. For a list of currently available parts, please contact Kristin Reynolds at [email protected]


Engine Management Specialist's (EMS) reduce-to-spares (RTS) liability is capped at the disassembly charge. This cap is due to the nature of RTS units having various conditions that are outside of EMS’s control, such as but limited to the following: corrosion, over extended time before overhaul (TBO), incident or accident events, poor handling and/or shipping, dropped units, etc.