General Inquiries and Management Services

Q: I have an engine that needs an overhaul.  Is there a fee for a general inquiry and who do I contact?
A: There is no fee for a general inquiry. If the customer provides us with basic information such as the aircraft and engine model, serial number, engine times, cycles and maintenance history, we can provide initial competing quotes and a review of our process to inform the customer how the EMS process works. This is a no-cost/no-obligation offer.

If you prefer, one of our technicians will travel to your facility to review the log books and compile the required information for us to obtain quotes. 
For more information, please contact Sales Manager Russ Hancock at [email protected].

Q: Are there any unknown, surprise, hidden, or last-minute fees?
A: No. Our fees are updated and published annually. The customer is informed upfront of what is expected. EMS charges a basic service fee based on the engine model and type of work, a commission on savings, and non-local travel expenses. Our cost and technical process includes multiple reviews with the customer to ensure the customer is aware of their costs. Click here to get our latest published fee schedule.

Q: My engines are under a maintenance program. Does the EMS process management still benefit me?
A: Yes, our services can significantly improve the customer’s final engine product and costs regardless of which program the customer is enrolled. Under the Pratt & Whitney Eagle Service Plan or other programs, we will improve your bottom line for items being charged over the program, including foreign object damage (FOD), corrosion, lightning strike, and operations. Some power by the hour programs also do not include life-cycle parts (LCF) and we can help the customer with LCF part commercial relief as well. EMS provides the on-site part review during tear down. Our review ensures your program is maximized and the appropriate type of damage and liability are determined. This review includes photos to verify to the customer what needs to be accomplished. Depending on the program, we can also obtain and provide competing quotes.

Q: If the EMS commission is based on savings, how do I know how much I saved?
A: Our savings are determined to be the difference between the original cost estimate and final invoice.  The original cost estimate or “baseline” is reviewed and agreed upon by both the customer and EMS. The baseline is not determined until after the detailed tear down and review. That’s right… the baseline cost is not a pre-induction quote - it's based on what the engine needs after the engine has been disassembled and the parts inspected.

Q: My engine has been giving me problems and I'm not sure how to resolve them. Can EMS help me?
A: Yes. EMS is an industry expert with Pratt & Whitney turbo-engines. If the aircraft and engine model and serial numbers are provided along with hours, and details regarding the issue, we can assist in troubleshooting your engine problems including Service Bulletins (SBs) and Airworthiness Directives (ADs). We understand the tendencies of these engines and if Pratt & Whitney can offer alternative solutions. The troubleshooting is complimentary - charges only apply is EMS is required to dispatch personnel or disassembly or removal is required.

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2024 Standard Fees for Services

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